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Cash For Cars

We buy old cars

Do you have a vehicle that you don’t need any more, we can take it off your hands while still paying you for it. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle it is; a car, van, truck, UTES, buses, etc. we buy old, junk, and scrap cars. We are the ones you should sell all your old cars too if you have any type of vehicle, whether commercial or private use that you are no longer using. You don’t have to let it be a burden to you by leaving it in your home. We will give you good money for it. We don’t just buy the car from you, we can also provide pick up, and free towing service, which means we handle the wholesale process and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

All Brands of Cars

When it comes to the cars that we are ready to pay you for, there is no limit to it. We are flexible in the cars we buy, and that is just not in the car model but also other conditions. We buy cars that are no longer working as well as cars without registration. So, if your car falls into any of these categories, you can still sell it to us and get good money.


We are committed to paying the decent value for the car we are taking off your hands, and it is only after you have been fully remunerated that we can take the car away. We review and modify the prices of the cars regularly to make sure that we are paying for the car in line with the market value at that time. Selling your old unwanted car to us is a double reward for you because you will get rid of the scrap without lifting a single finger and you will also get money in exchange. It is a win-win for you.

At Car Busters, we buy Holden cars, Toyota cars, Mazda cars, Ford cars, Nissan cars, Honda cars, and all other brands of cars you can think of. As long as it is a car and you no longer want it, we are ready to take it off your hands and pay you for it.

While the interior and exterior condition, as well as the age, may determine how much we will pay for the car, it will never be a reason to disqualify the car, and you will get free removal and pick-up services as well. Thus, you will not have to spend money or time trying to bring the car to our yard.

People sell old cars for multiple reasons from the mechanical faults that exceed car value to accidents to just wanting to get rid of the old car. Whatever yours is, you can count on us to buy it from you.