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Our Covid-19 Policy

The coronavirus has affected every business in Australia, and ours is not excluded. Even though the worst is behind us now, our efforts to prevent the spread of the virus remain very much in top gear, and we follow every guideline and regulation to ensure the safety of our customers and staff at all times. This is why we have a Covid-19 protocol in a place to ensure that business resumes as usual and people remain safe while the risks of a spread of infection are minimised. Our Covid-19 efforts include;

Covid Flatlay

Health officials have said that one of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of this virus is by ensuring proper hygiene at all times. We take this very seriously at Car Busters, and we have initiated several routine cleaning procedures to ensure that our workspace is kept safe at all times. We clean the workspace at the end of the workday using detergents and disinfectants. Focus is usually placed on areas that are often touched such as door handles, counter and tabletops, light switches, restroom doors, shelf and cupboard handles, etc. we encourage staff to clean their personal property such as mobile phones, car keys, laptops and computers, sunglasses, etc.

We also provide hygiene facilities for customers with handwashing facilities and sanitisers put in strategic locations where they are easily accessible and do not have to be touched to be used. In our team interaction with the customers, physical contact is kept to the barest minimum and ensure that every member of our staff follows all the covid-19 prevention guidelines. We are very particular about the safety of our staff, our customers, and protecting public health in all that we do.

In order to ensure safety, any staff who exhibits symptoms similar to that of COVID-19 cannot return to work until a medical practitioner certify them as COVID-free. This is to prevent the spread of the virus among workers and customers.

Any customer using our services must follow our COVID-19 policies. Thus, customers who have been out of the country or had contact with a person who have COVID symptoms or is COVID positive cannot visit us until after 14 days.

We have put measures in place to collect customers and visitors information for certain period. This is to comply with the directives as the information can be used during contact tracing.

Social distancing among staff and customers is compulsory and we limit the number of people within our workplace to meet the required standards