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Used Parts

Get high-quality replacement parts

We have used parts of different types of cars that you may need, from the body parts to the engine and other interior parts of the car. At Car Busters, we stock and supply high quality recycled parts for all brands and models of vehicles. Car brands that you will find their used parts with us include Hyundai, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Holden, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, Kia, BME, Volkswagen, Eunos, Chrysler, Cherry, Subaru, Lexus, and lots more. All you have to do is come to us, and we will find you the most suitable car parts.

We offer reliable car parts with guarantees on their quality, and our team of technicians are experts who know how to find what you are looking for. You no longer have to spend thousands importing new car parts for your car when you can get equally reliable and excellent products with us. Available car parts include;

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Your car’s alternator generates power to all the electrical components of your car, including the lights and the instrument panel. If you have a faulty alternator, it could ruin your car’s battery. Come to Car Busters Auto Parts in Melbourne for an alternator replacement at a great price.

Although we sell our alternators at a reduced price, they are still high in quality. We check that the alternators we sell to meet industry standards before we offer them to you. Our mechanics ensure that our alternators will function for a long time.

With our computerised inventory system, we’ll help you find the alternator you need for your vehicle at a price you can be happy about. You shouldn’t have to walk out of a repair shop with an enormous bill in hand. Instead, feel good about your alternator’s quality and price when you consult with the experts at Car Busters.

Our trained mechanics can help you choose the best alternator for your car’s make and model. We will even replace the alternator for you. We will be happy to answer any of your questions about your alternator or any other part you need.

Whether you have a front-wheel, rear-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle, you need a driveshaft. Driveshafts are the mechanical component your car relies on to transmit torque and rotation. Without functioning torque and rotation, your car might not run as smoothly as you’d like.

At Car Busters, we strive to meet all of your driveshaft needs with new, second-hand and reconditioned parts built to last. Avoid the damage a worn and unbalanced drive shaft can have on your car.

All vehicles rely on a mechanical component – a tail shaft – to transmit torque and rotation. If you have an RWD or 4WD vehicle and expect it to run smoothly, you need a functioning tail shaft. When a vehicle’s tail shaft becomes unbalanced, worn or damaged, it can negatively affect the entire car.